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 Dyslexia Awareness “Tackling The Issues Around Dyslexia


By Mid Sussex Times Columist Artist Paul Milton.


“Big thank you to The Mid Sussex Times for Giving Dyslexic People a voice and a chance!”


Dyslexia it’s like having lots of draws of knowledge connected at all angles with ideas all the time



“I was asked recently to describe my dyslexia and how it effects me, the only way I can explain my Dyslexia it’s like having lots of draws of knowledge connected at all angles with ideas all the time.


Dyslexia Awareness Week Poster Designed By Artist Paul Milton|B.A.Honours Copyright©


Dyslexia Article By ARTIST PAUL MILTON. PAUL MILTON ARTIST Copyright (c) 2015

(Click to Enlarge Image):- New Braille Business Card's for 2016, big thank you to the RNIB and DWP for their assistance.

(Click to Enlarge Image):- New Braille Business Card's for 2016, big thank you to the RNIB and DWP for their assistance.


Dyslexia Article By ARTIST PAUL MILTON. PAUL MILTON ARTIST Copyright (c) 2015 

Exciting News for Artist and B.D.A:-




Actions Speak Louder than Word's:-


A really nice day visiting the B.D.A Head Office Bracknell seeing the vital work they do. Whilst there I witnessed the most significant part in any dyslexic person's life the testing process for dyslexia.




It brought back memories of when I was originally tested for my dyslexia at Hayward’s Heath, Central Sussex College, a college I hope we can save.


My journey, and my mission, with my dyslexia is not complete, even now I'm still discovering part's to my dyslexia, and who I am as a person. There’s more than being an artist or person it's what you decide to do with your life that make's the difference.


I've tried to fight my difference but the one thing to come from that meeting I came to term's with who I am as a person and nothing is more stronger and reassuring than that. That self knowledge and understanding of your self is like my sword and shield.


And to feel appreciated wanted and accepted for your difference even more so.



To be Free:-




To dream is the most freeing, to not feel bound, tied down, free to dream wonder's and possibilities to saw the highest cloud, to touch the great beyond to be free.


To dream, to imagine is free and limitless and no person can take that away from you.



Epilepsy Haywards Heath Sussex|Dyslexia Haywards Heath Sussex
The Dyslexic Columnist Artist Paul Milton


Dyslexia Poster Designed By Artist Paul Milton Copyright(c)2015

The strength of a question, the sounding of a question, the effect's of a question, the damage of a question, the repercussion's of a question, the weight of a question.

A question is so powerful, a question can change the path of life its self depending who you ask the question to. A question can stir, silence and shake a person, a question can reel a person into a corner and run, a question make a person sweat shake and be unnerved.
A question can make a person cry, a question can bring joy, love and happiness, a question can resolve a riddle and answer an unanswered question.
A question can bring closure, a question can bring people together, a question can bring peace, a question can cause chaos, and a question can answer a lot.

But the question is what was the question?

"This piece came about by a thought, and idea, but literally that that thought was a question and how powerful a question can be!"
"Luckily just recently I had a question answered which helped bring closure to an observation of life."

Answer E=MC2

Answers are just as powerful as question’s, when your dyslexic the need to understand the English language is even greater, but by looking to
Understand the English language the words and language take new form.

Answer’s can explain great wonders and powers of the universe answer’s can cause chaos, peace, and even resolution.
An answer can cause laughter, embarrassment, humiliation, and an answer can cause concern, and can even initiate a question.
“The answer is how will it all end, or is that the question”?
“Always question life and the answer’s you seek will find you.”


Big thank you to my local Council and Mayor for their continued support. Please follow link and help promote the awareness and understanding of dyslexia:-

Latest News:- Exciting News to come regarding this poster please watch this space! :)


My name is Paul Milton Professional Dyslexic, and Epileptic Artist, from Haywards Heath; I am setting up a help group for Dyslexia Awareness, and Epilepsy Awareness.
If you need any help or advice please drop me an e-mail or give me a call where I will be happy to help.

Tel:- 07896-203310



Dyslexia Article By ARTIST PAUL MILTON. PAUL MILTON ARTIST Copyright (c) 2015

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St Mary’s Church Balcombe West Sussex|Altar Cloth and Lectern Frontals|Hand Made and Designed By |Artist_Paul Milton|Gallery of Artwork of Artist Paul_Milton for St Mary’s Church Altar Cloth|.



Artist Paul Milton Textile Artist St Mary’s Church Balcombe Altar Cloth Presentation Artwork Blessed by Archdeacon Fiona Windsor and Best wishes from Archbishop of Canterbury:-




Artist Paul Milton Northbrook Alumni St Mary’s Altar Cloth presentation:- 




“Hope” the Phoenix Rises


Written and published by|Artist Paul Milton|British Dyslexia Association|Ambassador for Art’s and Dyslexia.

ARTIST PAUL MILTON St Mary's Altar Cloth Blessing Copyright 2015 PAUL MILTON ARTIST TEXTILES(c)-


Pictured left to right: - |Reverend Desmond Burton|Balcombe Parish Councillor thank you for attending|Rosemary Corder|Archdeacon Fiona Windsor|


|Artist_Paul_Milton_B.A.Honnours|Balcombe Parish Councillor|Jeremy Quinn MP|


“Sunday the 12th of July will always be one of those days’s I will never forget and I will always remember. On this day I presented my latest piece of artwork The St Mary’s Church Balcombe Altar cloth and frontals.”


“I was approached earlier in the year to design and make new altar cloth and lectern frontals, for St Mary’s church Balcombe West Sussex for Pentecost.


“Pentecost is the Greek name for Shavout “The feast of weeks” and is occasionally referred to by Christians as the “Birthday of the church” Pentecost is the celebration of the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and followers of Jesus Christ.” “This is partly why I wanted the cloth to be perfect their faith means a lot to them they allowed me in I saw how much their faith meant to them that’s why I wanted it to be perfect as a sign of respect.


When I first got the commission I felt honoured, and privileged, to be approached to do the altar cloth, but what I wasn’t aware from this project I was to gain more than a commission, I was to gain new friends and gain the knowledge and meaning of life and what truly matters.


“The altar cloth is designed and hand made by me I did a few preliminary drawings, a few quick sketches but most of it I had a general idea in my head of what I wanted it to look like.




My inspiration for the St Mary’s Church Balcombe altar cloth and lectern frontals came from the church around me; I wanted the Altar cloth to be perfect and to reflect the heritage of the church. From the main window I looked at the star constellation and from the older window there’s a triangle with a circled stone structure in a blue and gold frame.


For the main altar cloth the bird on the front is a cross between an eagle and a dove which represents strength and peace embodied in one. In the church there is a brass eagle I wanted the bird on the cloth to reflect the eagle and the dove as a combination.


The original cloth sadly got destroyed but what I was able to do was to save part of the original and incorporate it into the new one “A bit of old and new like the phoenix rising from the ashes.”


I also looked at the Knights of the Round Table, Camelot, and The Legendary Kind Arthur and mythical sword Excalibur|Caliburn|Caliburnus and the knights templar old tradition within the church for other inspiration.


“A lot of the design for the altar cloth and lectern frontals happened by coincidence it just felt right like a natural nudge in the right direction”


“I believe a lot in Karma and that everything in life has a natural progression and way of levelling things out and that everything happens for a reason, sometimes in life you can’t force things to happen you have to leave it to nature and for natural progression.”


The Blessing:-


 St Mary's altar cloth blessing Copyright 2015(c) resized



“The blessing was emotional and meant a lot for me it was a great recognition of my artwork, and textiles. The moment the Archdeacons hand came down and blessed my cloth my creation was alive.”


“I feel so privileged and so emotionally happy to have met such nice people and for them to be there for me and supporting me.”


I would like to thank Reverend Desmond Burton, Penny Burton, The Archdeacon of Horsham West Sussex Fiona Windsor, Jeremy Quinn MP, Councillor Sandy Ellis former Hayward Heath Mayor the Balcombe Parish Councillors who attended and community and congregation of balcombe who also attended. And I would especially like to thank Rosemary Corder for giving me this opportunity and for making this all possible.


“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank a certain well known Family for your kind words of support for the event; I would also like to thank|Archdeacon Fiona Windsor| for formerly blessing the St Mary’s Church |Balcombe| altar cloth. I would also like to thank Jeremy Quinn MP for also being present and supporting the event.


“I wanted the altar cloth to be perfect when someone is genuinely kind to you and excepts you for who you are that means more than anything this is why I wanted to do the best I could for the church and community.”


“I wish the readers well and the community of |Haywards Heath| and |Balcombe| well; it’s nice that I can return a piece of heritage to the community of Balcombe and for Sussex for the future.”

 ARTIST PAUL MILTON, Family councillors  and former mayor of Haywards Heath Textiles PAUL MILTON ARTIST.


From left to right: - My Dad Ian Milton, Councillor Sandy Ellis Mid Sussex.Gov and partner Paul.


Middle Blue shirt and Tie: - |Artist_Paul Milton|, Susan Ellingford my Auntie and David Ellingford my uncle and my mother far right of picture.


I would like to thank my family for their continued support and Councillor Sandy Ellis for her continued support.


 St Mary's altar cloth blessing Copyright 2015 Artist Paul Milton(c)


“I would also like to thank the community of |Balcombe| and Congregation who came to support me on such a nice occasion.”

 ARTIST PAUL MILTON and parents St Mary's Altar Cloth Blessing Copyright 2015 PAUL MILTON ARTIST TEXTILES(c)



The |St Mary’s Altar Cloth Balcombe| is designed and handmade by me a mixture of techniques.


St Mary’s Lectern Cover’s Hand Made and designed By |Artist_Paul_Milton|.


 Lectern Frontal Hand Made and Designed By Artist Paul Milton Copyright (c)2015-.



The lectern covers are bespoke textiles pieces designed and made by me especially for |St Mary’s Church| Balcombe| West Sussex|.


 Lectern Frontal Hand Made and designed By Artist Paul Milton Copyright final (c)..jpg  Alter Cloth by Artist Paul Milton (c) 2015

|Bespoke|Textiles|Altar cloth|designer|and|manufacturer|:- If you would like a altar cloth or unique piece of textiles made for your |Church|Chaple|Temple|or|Mosque|or premises please


E-mail me on 

Tel: - 07896-203310




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