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Paul is an Award-Winning Professional Qualified Sussex-based Multi-Media Artist, Writer, Entrepreneur, Former Radio Presenter and Businessman and Former Parochial Church Council member

paul milton

Drawing - I am an archived and recorded artist and have been drawing since an early age.

paul milton

Textiles - Paul Milton, family, councillors and former mayor of Haywards Heath.

paul milton

Photography - Paul is a qualified artist part of his studies was the study and practice of photography.


Paul Milton

paul milton

My name is Paul Milton, B.A.Honours, former B.D.A Ambassador for Arts and Dyslexia (British Dyslexia Association), and I am a professional, qualified Sussex-based multi-media artist, writer, entrepreneur, and now model maker: thank you for taking the time to view my web site.

I have always been artistic, and creative, from an early age. I am a dyslexic and epileptic artist and found art a relaxing and a liberating form of expression. Since doing my studies I have progressed and evolved my art and business to what it is today. My works covers, drawing and painting, textiles, photography, clothing design, bespoke textile wall hangings.

I am an archived and recorded artist with the national portrait gallery in London regarding the portrait I did of Former Prime Minster David Cameron which the portrait was well liked. I wish Downing Street all my best still.

My Artwork has had Recognition from the Archbishop of Canterbury and many other various people. All my artwork is to a high professional standard.

Recent News

Artist Paul Milton visits Mid Downs Radio 3rd of July talked to about Dioramas and Art.

Cottage Diorama features in the latest issue of Railway Modeller August 2024 Volume 75 No886 page 650.

**Paul Milton Signs letter urging for response to the Cumberlege Report and Intentions,and Implementation:-**
"To ask the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, whether he plans to implement the recommendations of the Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review; and if he will make a statement." See Document.

** Condolences and Tribute to my Late Father ** I've been a bit quiet on my website as my life has gone through tremendous changes and turmoil. Sadly my father who supported me on many things died a few years ago of oesophageal cancer. From his diagnosis, coming home, sitting down telling us, to his passing it was quick, fast and shocking. He had no signs accept indigestion and couldn't eat a sandwich. He was a good father nothing nasty or negative, he took on cancer and the diagnosis with such dignity up to the point of his death. In life and society we have many unsung heroes, quiet souls that don't get recognised or recognition but are happy with their lot and place in society just with the simple things they have, but spread kindness support decency without thought and needing to be asked, the very fabric which makes up the best of our great British society and our Great Britain.

** Artist Writes Piece For FitPro Anxiety,Fitness, And The 2017 Westminster Attack: Link

** Artist and Advisor Contributes To Westminster AchieveAbility Commission (WAC) Report: Link

** Artist and Ambassador for Art's & Dyslexia Paul Milton 2017 Trip and Visit to America UNHQ United Nation's. A really informative and insightful trip and visit, all the best to the kind people I met and spoke to: Image

** Artist's Dyslexia Poster Interpreted into Portrait of Artist, Artist's First Official Sitting:- Original Poster Concept By Artist Paul Milton Interpretation By Miranda Kate Photography.

** Artist Visits Arts Outreach Centre:- Link|

** Paul recently visited a local Primary School to talk about Dyslexia and how it shouldn't hinder achievement. Click here to see the poster the children made after being inspired by Paul!

** Artist Designs Dyslexia Book Cover for 2017. Inspired By The Hurdles And Barriers Of Dyslexia, Original Title "Dyslexic Barriers".

Paul met previously with the former Disabilities Minister Justin Tomlinson MP at the time. Also, follow the link for details of the formal presentation and blessing of the St Mary's altar cloth and lectern frontals that he designed and handmade. Archdeacon Emerita and Chaplin to the Queen Fiona Windsor formally blessed the cloth.

** Balcombe Parish Council Minutes - election of councillors. Link.

** Lindfield Life Magazine Link.

** Dyslexia Contact Magazine.Link

** Sussex World - by-election candidates revealed. Link.

** Sussex World: 'Fresh and unique' Haywards Heath artist looks to expand exhibition. Link


Education and Qualifications

I have many qualifications in the field of art this has allowed me to approach most subjects with great ease. I have studied throughout Sussex, West Sussex, and surrounding areas including Eastbourne, Lewis, Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill, and Cuckfield to name but a few.

My Artwork

My Artwork takes many forms as I prefer not to specialise allowing me to approach most subjects with great ease and welcome all commissions. I am happy to work in a variety of areas - drawing, painting, textiles and photography.

Please get in touch:

Contact me on t: 01444 455742 - m. 07896 203310 or email me HERE if you would like further information about my work.