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"I would like to thank the government for their continued support and kindness and best wishes."

Big Thank You To My local Council For Their Continued Support

 I wish to thank the Scottish Government for their Kindness and Support


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Latest Article :- Artist Paul Milton Awarded Outstanding Achievement Award in the Field of Dyslexia By Lord from British Parliament.  

1st Lindfield Scouts and my experiences of camping and caravanning piece dedicated to a kind lady:-

Latest Photography from Greece Skiathos

Recent Article Drawing On Memories of Balcombe By Artist Paul Milton

Memories of Balcombe Middy Article Link

Tackling the Issue of Dyslexia latest Article By Artist Paul Milton - Middy Article Link

Artist Paul Milton Textile Artist St Mary’s Church Balcombe Altar Cloth Presentation Artwork Blessed by Archdeacon Fiona Windsor and Best wishes from Archbishop of Canterbury:- Middy Article Link

Artist Paul Milton Northbrook Alumni St Mary’s Altar Cloth presentation:- Northbrook Article Link

Latest Article by Artist Paul Milton:- Mid Sussex Times 

Horticulture and growing your own Food Former Harland’s Primary School Student:-

Artist Paul Milton and Mid Sussex Times Columnist Design’s B.D.A Book Cover:-

Book Available from the B.D.A Store:-

Dyslexic Artist’s Prime Minister’s Portrait of David Cameron’s Archived, and Recorded with the National Portrait Gallery: -

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Paul Milton B.D.A Ambassador

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Acrylic Painting State of mind £75 By Paul Milton

 St Mary's church Artists 20th Sept 2014 ARTIST PAUL MILTON St Mary's Altar Cloth Blessing Copyright 2015 PAUL MILTON ARTIST TEXTILES(c) 2015
Photo to the right: - St Mary’s Altar cloth Presentation Pictured Reverend Desmond Burton, Balcombe Parish Councillor, Rosemary Corder, Archdeacon Fiona Windsor, Artist Paul Milton, Balcombe Parish Councillor and Jeremy Quinn MP.
Photo to the left: - A big thank you to the Artists who exhibiting in the Balcombe Art’s Trail, and the support from the Local businesses and Haywards Heath Councillors who attended. Also a big thank you to St Mary’s Church Balcombe.

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(National Epilepsy Week 2018, 15th- 21st Of May 2018) Epilepsy Awareness Purple Day The 26th Of March 2018. Epilepsy Article, Epilepsy And Hope:-

(Anti-Bullying Week 2018 will be held from 12th - 16th November)
My Bullied Past Story For Anti Bullying Week:-



Artist Paul Milton Study Trip And Visit (EU) European Parliament 2018.



Picture of Paul Milton with Former Mayor of Hayward's Heath Councillor Sandy Ellis at a presentation of the St Mary's Drawing. 

   Artist Paul Milton with Cllr Sujan Wickremaratchi Haywards Heath Mayor
"Really nice meeting the mayor, please support the mayor with his chosen charity a very worthwhile and brilliant cause sincerest kind regards."
 Picture of Paul Milton and the Mayor of Hayward's Heath at a presentation of the St Mary's drawing.  Artist Paul Milton with Cllr Sujan Wickremaratchi Haywards Heath Mayor


A big thank you to Councillor Sandy Ellis for your continued support with my art.

Paul Milton - Church fundraiser Mid Sussex Times Click to goto Article


"Big thank you to the kind people who came to see my exhibition at Nyman's, and a big thank you to the Nyman's staff who came to see me in the Potting shed your support and kindness was very welcome. Sincere Kind Regards Paul Milton." 12/4/2015

Exhibition of art work on display at the Vining's Health Centre Hayward's Heath, show casing artwork inspired by Sussex latest piece on display.
Show Casing limited Edition Art. Balcombe/Cuckfield Art Trail 21st of September-1st of October.

Paul Milton - Haywards Heath artist won’t ‘change for anyone’ after archbishop’s message

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March 2015 We now have a Mobile website for your convenience.

Paul Milton - Cuckfield life ambassador dyslexia - See page 13

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Paul Milton - Faith in Sussex Chichester diocese - See page 27

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Big thank you to Uckfield FM for your continued support and for being so understanding any support with my Dyslexia and Art is most welcome thank you :)

Click link to hear radio interview.  Uckfield FM Interview  (There is a slight delay before the file plays. Best listened to with Firefox , Google Chrome or Safari, as IE can be slow. Its worth listening to, even if you missed hearing it live. Approx 16 minutes long.).


Lindfield Art’s Festival 2014: -

Big thank you to the kind gentlemen who put up the boards at the Lindfield Art’s festival.

A big thank you to the kind people who came, and I spoke to, and their kind comments about my art work.

Kind regards Paul Milton B.A.Hons

Places are now closed for Balcombe Art Trail 2014 for more info please contact me.



Paul Milton - Haywards Heath artist’s David Cameron portrait hangs in 10 Downing Street

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Paul Milton - Mid Sussex times article - Haywards Heath man’s dyslexia association award.

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St Mary's drawing update featured in Balcombe Parish's Magazine January 2015.

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Sainsbury's Journal Special Event Portrait

Click to see Harry Hacker by Paul Milton Sainsbury's Journal Article page 11 July 2014


Click to see Dyslexic Poetry Article

Dyslexic Poetry Article

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BDA Conference.

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Lindfield Buildings Commission.

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Paul Milton - Fresh and unique’ Haywards Heath artist looks to expand exhibition.

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Paul puts everyone in the picture at Sainsbury’s in Haywards Heath - See Video and article.

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Paul gets art commission (page 22)

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Paul mentioned in Sainsburys Journal

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Paul's WWII veteran’s portrait unveiled at museum

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Paul's Graduate's WWII Veteran Portrait

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RH Uncovered MagazineClick to goto websiteTurn to page 9 to read the article on Paul Milton

"Harry Hackers portrait no longer at Wings will be displayed at future art exhibitions and later a new museum. Kind regards Paul"

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